Our Youth Juror Program

Benefits of participating in the Student juror program.

Student youth jurors learn social and emotional skills such as empathy, compassion, and a true understanding of the impact that circumstances have, and how one bad decision can change a person’s life. In addition to community service, there is a scholarship opportunity for a graduating juror who has served on the Youth Court.

Student jurors are trained to hear cases and, in the process, learn about the role of law in society, what justice looks like, and a sense of responsibility for their community. As a team the jurors hear cases, question offenders and their parents or guardians, and learn to listen, analyze and collaborate to reach a just sentence.

Student Juror Participation Requirements.

Youth volunteers must be high school age and residents of Blount County. All youth volunteers must participate in mandatory training and take an oath to keep everything learned in the court of a youth court hearing confidential.